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TEHO Water has been using reputable marine pumps made in Italy for the RO plant and has represented Gianneschi pumps since 2014. Gianneschi is established since 1969 and has over 40 years of experience in manufacturing marine pumps for luxury boats, work boats and small military units from 12 to 120 meters in length.

All products manufactured are tested individually and only after strict controls are delivered to the customer. Each product is associated with a specific serial number that allows in every moment to figure out all components used in the production stages as well as any spare parts.

  • High quality bronze pump
  • Stainless steel pump available upon request
  • Wide range application for marine and industrial
  • Robust design
  • Low maintenance cost

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Reverse Osmosis Watermaker

A reliable reverse osmosis water maker should contain good pre-treatment, conservative design of high pressure pumps and excellent piping design for ease of maintenance. Designed and manufactured with these points in mind, our ULTRO Reverse Osmosis Watermaker delivers more than superior performance and durability, customers benefit from an efficient sales…

Fibre ropes made of HMPE-fibres (highly modular polyethylene) are buoyant and boast siginificant weight reduction. Nevertheless the rope boast highly strength and low stretch.

HMPE is a chemical name for high modulus polyethylene an increasingly popular material used to make different types of rope. HMPE ropes are also known as ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene offering a range of performance and durability properties depending on grade and consistency of the fiber make up.

HMPE ropes

What is the difference between wire rope and steel cable?

In stricter senses, the term wire rope refers to a diameter larger than 3/8 inch (9.52 mm), with smaller gauges designated cable or cords. Initially wrought iron wires were used, but today steel is the main material used for wire ropes. … Also, aircraft cables are available in smaller diameters than wire rope.

The TEHO steel wire ropes range include general purpose steel wire ropes, rotation-resistant and non-rotating wire ropes which can be used for mooring, lashing, hoisting and luffing applications.

Steel wire ropes

Renowned for having one of the most comprehensive and robust inventory of steel wire ropes, TEHO Ropes stocks wire ropes from some of the best manufacturers in the industry, distinguished by our trademark, WREXCO®. We are stringent that our wire ropes are true to their technical specifications, principally those of BS 302, BS EN12385, ISO 2408:2004, JIS G3525 and API-9A. All our ropes are inspected by class societies of ABS, DNV.GL, NK or Lloyd’s.

Our standard steel wire ropes range covers the following constructions:
-6×24 FC
-6x29Fi + IWRC
-6×36 FC
-6×36 IWRC
-35×7 Compacted

HMPE ropes
HMPE ropes

The merger with LIHA added new onshore/offshore services to the TEHO portfolio compromising the testing, inspection and (re)certification of lifting/mooring equipment, installation of steel wire/synthetic ropes, gangway and winch break testing.

HMPE ropes. Complementing the worldwide stock point network of the TEHO group, TEHO Ropes Europe has a proven track record in reducing purchasing expenditure, achieve operational excellence and sharing technical assistance gained by experience on board of vessels.

Quality is gold. The MAGNARO®-Float rope is king.

MAGNARO®-Float is a mixed rope of high tenacity polyolefin and high performance polyester. This composite ropes combines strength with impressive abrasion resistance. Its special marine finish is applied to further increase the wear resistance in a marine environment.

The rope offers very good abrasion resistance and very high strength. Its buoyancy and excellent handling properties make it the ideal mooring rope for all types of vessels. TEHO Ropes can supply MAGNARO®-Float rope in accordance with OCIMF MEG4.

MAGNARO®-Float has a full range including intermediate sizes to fit the deck fitting of a variety of vessels. MAGNARO®-Float mooring rope is readily available throughout the TEHO Ropes stock points in Rotterdam, Algeciras, Dubai, Singapore, Shanghai, Busan, Houston and Panama. Please contact us for additional information.

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Customer satisfaction results

TEHO Ropes Europe is very proud to be rated as an excellent mooring equipment provider by its customers with an overall score of 8.5. Providing professional expertise, high quality products, technical knowledge, fast service and worldwide stock availability were among the subjects that were rated high scores in our 2020 customer satisfaction survey.

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HMPE on stock in Rotterdam

HMPE mooring ropes are becoming the standard in mooring and are being sought all over the world.

The characteristics of HMPE ropes are very favourable due to it’s light weight, high breaking strength and zero snapback. In some ports HMPE mooring lines are made mandatory. In order to support its customers TEHO Ropes has respectable stock of HMPE mooring ropes available in our Singapore and other key hubs: Houston and Rotterdam.

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TEHO Ropes Europe lives up to the group’s motto: We know the ropes.

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